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If you cannot imagine yourself to change your food choices, this is the right E-Book for you! With my most favorite recipes you can nourish yourself and gain your health back like I did it. A juice and a smoothie recipe, a salad recipe and even a special recipe for self-made chocolate. All made with natural and super healthy ingredients that definetly help your body to get back to its original shape.

looking back at my transformation

Since I started to eat more healthy so many things have changed in my life. Now I am looking back at a tremendous change in my own lifestyle. It is a huge release to gain back my well-being and to be able to do things I could not do before.

Because of my sickness and over-weight I saw my life stuck in a one-way road.

What went through my mind? Is it possible that in my age of 35 I was already to sick to do any kind of physical activities? Nearly ten years of just following my business career and forgetting about my real needs had its consequences. More than 40 kg of over-weight and frequent visits at doctors and hospitals were followed by a constant feeling of being unhealthy and sick. Read a previous post about how I changed:

5 facts that helped me change my food addiction


Because with a healthy choice on a daily basis I manage to transform my body and health continioulsy.

And I do it without dieting or extensive exercising!

And more surprising now I eat much more than before my weight-loss! Because I do the right choices now, my health is getting better day by day! No more hunger feelings and real satisfaction is included!


my transformation: healthy body change with natural and healthy food choices

its not a diet, its a lifestyle!

To summarise my todays food habits I would say:

I dont do diets, I am not a vegetarian or vegan and I never want to be hungry!

And in a positive way I summarize my habits:

I eat around 70 % raw food, lots of juices and smoothies. On a daily basis I eat salads and only little cooked food.

Here you can read more about my food choices in a previous post:

my 7 most addictive foods

If you had asked me before I would never have thought that it is possible to turn the clock back.

And regain my health and well-being so easily!

Due to the fact that I am fully convinced that this concept works for lots of people who are in a situation that I have been, I want to offer you my own experiences.

With my free E-Book “3+1 Power Recipes” I am sharing some of my most favorite health recipes.

These natural food recipes helped me to gain my life power back easy and quickly.

step by step change to better choices

You dont want to be a vegetarian? You dont want to be vegan? But you want to be healthy?

Then you have to change some of your habits!

Human beings are driven by their habits. When we want to change, our habits have a major influence on our lifestyle. That means establishing new habits for your lifestyle change is kind of mandatory. Because everybody needs habits and we want to loose old and unloved habits, we have to build up new ones step by step. In order to change yourself to better food choices you need to open yourself also for new alternatives and try out whats the best for yourself.


change yourself first to change the world

When you want to change the world you live in, you have to start with yourself first.

You are not going to believe the magic power of changing yourself.

Most of the people around you will recognise the personal change you go through and will be motivated by your example. You could spend hours to convince people by talking. But giving a positive example is much more powerful. Without saying anything people around you will feel your change and know that something positive is happening to you.

Thats what is happening to me and I can tell you it feels fantastic!

Start to change yourself and the world around you starts to change automatically.

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For anybody who is interested in some of my most favorite recipes I recommend my first free E-Book: 3+1 Power Recipes.

My recipes can be your first step to change your food habits!

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