Why almost everybody loves sweet foods and chocolate treats?

One reason is because the majority of our receptors on our tongues are made to recognise sweet tastes. And the older we get the more we like to have sweet things. What not only kids want sweets?

Yes exactly, grown ups even have a bigger desire for all kinds of pure sweetness!

As soon as we accept this fact, we are able to develop the right choices for these desires.


chocolate cream cake seducement

healthy chocolate cream cake seducement: no sugar, no milk, no flour, only good ingredients


Therefore it was extremly important for my lifestyle change to find good and healthy alternatives for the vast amounts of sugarized foods I used to consume. As far as I can remember I always had a “sweeth tooth” and loved the sensation of tasting and enjoying sweet and chocolaty treats.


Is there really an alternative for Nutella & Co?

Again nearly every chocolate on the market is contaminated with exeptional amounts of refined sugars and other really unhealthy ingredients, like cheap plant based oils. Even darker chocolate has still big parts of bad sugars in it! So what to do if there is nothing ready to buy?

The conclusion is “Do it yourself”!

Because I know myself I needed a substitute for all the Mars, Snickers, Nutellas and Co. I started to make my own healthy “Nutella”.


self-made chocolate ice with natural ingredients

a dream: self-made chocolate and fruit ice only with natural and healthy ingredients


One of the first things I had to understand what is my desire for! It is the sweet taste and also the cacao, that is inside every chocolate. Without getting to deep into details about cacao, we all know that certain messengers are reached when we eat cacao or a product that contains cacao.

And this makes most people happy and smile when they eat chocolate!

However I had to find out how to combine the cacao with sweet fruits in order to be able to produce a self-made chocolate that is going to satisfy me.


Chocolate self-made? Without sugar, milk and other unhealthy stuff?

Yes, that is the task to make something very sweet with lots of cacao and resign of ingredients we dont want to use.

First of all avoiding all refined and industrialized kinds of sugar.

Second is to use only healthy fats and third is to use a good quality of cacao. Because its the main ingredient I try to get a gently roasted or better a fermentized powder of cacao. And this cacao should be slightly de-oiled and as natural as possible. In order to avoid sugar I use fruits (date, banana, mango, etc) and good bee honey for the sweetness. As healthy fats there are coconut butter or olive oil to use. Also other oils like pumpkin seed or macadamia oils are great when available.


cacao plus banana, nuts, coconut fat

cacao plus banana, nuts and coconut fat make a healthy and satisfying chocolate cream


And this was a personal breakthrough, when I learned that the self-made chocolate is so much better.

In comparison to Nutella and other industrial sweets the taste is far better and contains only ingredients that are good for you!

Actually with this self-made chocolate your body gets healthier!


Advantages of my chocolate to Nutella & Co.

Basically I use almonds or hazelnuts and mix it with a healthy fat and pure cacao. As mentioned for the sweetness I use only natural ingredients.

This is more or less the combination ancient cultures already used hundrets of years to satisfy their needs for sweetness.

When comparing my chocolate habits before my lifestyle change with now, I have to testify that the amount of eaten chocolate has dropped. My conclusion is that when you get a real and true satisfaction from something this desire doesnt come up so often. Like my self-made chocolate I realized that with the great taste of nuts, sufficient amount of happy making cacao and a sweet taste you get satisfied quickly.

When I eat industrial made chocolate or sweets I never can stop!

And now its just so easy, because I feel a realistic satisfaction and lost the insatiable hunger for industry sugar.


Chocolate during my trip

When I started my trip in 2015, I knew that I am going to give up my kitchen and the possibility to make my own chocolate. But I figured it out very soon. No worries, only solutions. One of my lessons during my world trip. And because my recipe is no new invention, I just had to look for the right places in order to make right choices.

And also for my chocolate desire there is an easy solution while traveling around.

In almost one year traveling through mexico and central america very often I found cacao balls that are offered from local people on markets.  Because the cacao plant is everywhere, many local families prepare these pure cacao balls and have them ready for making a hot chocolate or other sweets.


natural chocolate bought in Chiapas from Mayan family

natural cacao balls bought from a mayan family in Chiapas, Mexico


What an amazing personal experience knowing that even when traveling around it just there and has always been there!

I only didnt know about it before and never gave pure cacao a chance.

And now I also like to eat the roasted cacao bean, because already a few beans satisfy my desire for chocolate.


eating a raw cacao fruit in central america

eating a raw cacao fruit in central america during a hike


Even better for your health is the raw cacao fruit. During hiking in my trip in central america I ate lots of cacao fruits.

Raw cacao fruits give a lot of energy and power.

Now I eat from them as often as possible!


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