my 7 most addictive foods I managed to control

Is it possible that we are all on addictive foods and are only laboratory animals for the food industry? No, I was not able to realize this until I got seriously sick.

My believe in a clean and secure food industry was very big.

Within a time period of 3 years I had  9 different operations and I consulted more than 10 doctors to help me.

It was a very difficult time knowing that I have to enter the hospital every 3 or 4 months. And again they are going to cut something out of my body! None of all the medical experts where able to tell me what was going on with me.

Then I decided to take the responsibility for my addictive foods and not leave it to doctors or hospitals.

In this post I am analysing addictive foods and reporting how I convinced myself  to loose my 7 most addictive foods and recover my health and body.


addictive foods I banished from my life

  1. artifical sweeteners
  2. industrial sugar & sweets
  3. taste & flavour improvers
  4. cow milk & milk products
  5. fast food & processed meat
  6. fried food & vegetable oils
  7. wheat products, bread & pasta

artifical sweeteners

are in all so called “light” or “diet” products. They are designed to convince the consumer that the amount of sugar in our daily diet is too high. The industry solutions are products on a base of lower calories. Thats what I got told for many years, your intake is too high. Use artificial sweeteners in order to reduce your amount of calories. What was the effect of artifical sweeteners on me?

My craving for sugar was even higher than before consuming it!

I had lack of concentraion, permanent nervousness and frequent headaches. In my consideration all kinds of artifical sweeteners are highly addcitive foods.


industrial sugar & sweets

like most humans I also have a “sweet tooth” and love to taste and enjoy sweet things. When I stopped consuming artifical sweeteners I knew that I had to stopp consuming all kinds of industrialized sugars provided by the market. In my opinion the main problems is that industry sugar is an extract of a plant. Many human bodies cannot process this extracted products properly.

The consequence is that when you consume exctracts you disable too many of your body functions.

Instead of providing me with energy, extracted sugar slowes me down, makes me tired and for sure kept me overwheight for a long time.


taste & flavour improvers

from my point of view these are devilish chemicals with a high addictive potential.

Taste improvers make us eat food that is no real food!

Everybody already knows about it, its nearly in all processed foods and your kitchen is full of it. One day I decided to clean my kitchen from all taste enhancers. I filled two huge dust bins with aliments that where contaminated by these chemicals. When I found out how my body reacts to taste improvers, I had no more questions left.

After cleansing my body for several months from taste enhancers during work I envited one of my customers to a lunch brake.

His wish was to visit a chinese restaurant. I knew this is going to be hard for me but I took my customer to a chinese buffet. That day I only ate the white rice without anything. What happened? Within minutes I was sweating all over my body and becoming completely wet. I was just sitting at a table and eating rice.

Even my customer asked me what was wrong with me.

I told him that he just witnessed my intolerance for taste enhancers, like the glutamate that was inside the white rice.


cow milk and milk products

are healthy for you. They are important for your bone structure and provide you with lots of vitamins and calcium. Even in early school years this was a constant speech we all heard many times.

Did you ever ask yourself why human beings are the only adult animal that consumes milk?

What is cow milk made for? It helps a new born calf with 40 kg to grow rapidly to a cow with more than 400 kg. It gets more than 10 times bigger! Why should we drink milk then?

Since not consuming cow milk products I feel a great impact on my health.

Many friends and people reported me that especially their respiration and digestive system recovered very quickly after not using dairy products from cow milk.


fast food & processed food

is everywhere and very cheap, but its one of the worst things I did to myself. Now I understand that all these food concepts can only work with lots of taste and flavour enhancers. Otherwise we could not eat them.

Here is one interesting test I made after not eating fast food for months.

With friends we visited a big burger chain for dinner. I ordered french fries but asked not to use any salt on my fries. Try this out for yourself and you will realize that its impossible to eat fries from a fast food chain without the “salt” they use.

The reason is that the used salt contains huge quantities of flavour improvers.

Once I removed chemicals from my daily diet its was easy to stop with burgers, pizza and all other quickly prepared and processed aliments.


fried food & vegetable oil

any fried food is tasty and smells irresistible when prepared.

But the reality is, its a reason for lots of diseases and its on the same level with fast food in terms of harmfulness foods.

The combination of heat and different plant based oils on any kind of food is poison for our body. Besides the fact that any kind of nutrients that have remained in the food are killed through the hot frying temperatures. Most of vegetable oils are not made for heating them up and develop a dangerous composition that I banished from my aliment list.


wheat products

like bread or pasta are an irreplaceable ingredient in most cultures around the globe. In germany I lived in bread paradise, here they are the real champions of making bread in various kinds. Its called the best bread in the world.

Whenever I was traveling, I remember missing the german bread.

Usually it was the first thing I ate when I returned home from a long trip. Make myself not eating bread was definetly the toughest part of my personal lifestyle change. It is so deep inside our habit structure to eat frequently bread, that its very difficult to imagine a life without it.

Why is bread so harmful to our health?

From my research and experience its the combination of an extract (a part of the wheat corn), a genetically modified plant and addionally filled with high quantities of industrial sugar to accelerate the production process. I cannot list all the other stuff the industry puts inside the bread for example to give colour and make it last longer.

What I can report from my own record is that loosing my bread eating habit helped my health condition enormously and had the greatest effect on weight loss.


In the past 5 years I have been continiously improving my health situation and changing little by little my food habits. As recommend in my previous post, realize about your addictions, make a list of your worst addictions and start with what you are most comfortable. Follow my example and start your life with a new quality in enjoying, tasting and living.

Don’t wait and start today to do something good for yourself!



Enjoying a fresh pressed orange juice


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