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Crossing Nicaragua on minimal budget

There are many comfortable ways to travel from the pacific coast of Nicaragua to the Corn Islands in the caribbean sea. But I was looking for the cheapest and most authentic possibility! Backpackers I met told me its possible for less than € 20! Looking for a visit in the paradise of Nicaragua? Then anyone who has been there will recommend you to go to the Islas de Maís (Corn Islands) in the carribean sea! Sounds too good to be true?

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dive spots are always in beautiful places

Divemaster Going Pro

As reported in my last post doing my first pro course as a Divemaster was definetly a great and very important experience as a longtime diver. During my 7 weeks DMT (Divemaster in training) on Utila in Honduras I was able to do more than 50 dives. This dives done during my training are equal to my last 265 dives I did before my DMT in terms of building up experience as a pro diver for different situations.

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7 weeks Divemaster training in Honduras

Since I started with scuba diving 15 years ago I never lost the idea of doing my Divemaster. Continiously improving my skills and doing different dive locations worldwide always added in my dive experience. Because every ocean and dive spot is different you need to be well prepared for each dive. But I knew that doing a Divemaster course is a greater task than just try out a new dive spots.

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Make 3 weeks out of 3 days in Guatemala

Land of the forests, thats the translation of the mayan word Guatemala. And its is covered with beautiful green forests and jungles. For me it is also the land of the volcanos, due to an incredible amount of  volcanic structures.

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Mexico: dangerous & criminal

Mexico is my love and one of the most exciting countries I have traveled. In total I have spend nearly one year in this amazing country. Since I started my world trip in 2015 I have spend more than 3 months there. Why did I return and spend so much time in Mexico?

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Lui diving cuba on a budget

Diving Cuba for less money!

Diving in Cuba is a dream for all divers. And after my first weeks in Cuba it was definetly time for some dives in different places on the cuban island. Because all my trip is based on a low budget I had to find a way to spend less money on my diving activities and still do a couple of dives in changing locations.

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viewing point east cuba

Low Budget Cuba? Too expensive for backpackers?

Cuba definetly is not a low budget destination and one of the more expensive countries in comparison to its neighbours in the caribbean. But how is it possible to enjoy low budget Cuba, get healthy food, save on your travel costs and do lots of activities? Get 5 hints how to do a low budget Cuba trip, save on your purse and more useful details you find in this and the nextcoming post about my four weeks backpacking in Cuba on a low budget!

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El Hoyo Hike & Cerro Negro Boarding

Two day hike on active volcano El Hoyo


The active volcano el hoyo is a special and spectacular hike. I started with 20 kilograms in my backback, filled with water, food and a tent. With everything necessary I was ready for a great two day hiking tour visiting several volcanos and a crater lake!
Volcanos Nicaragua Leon - Quetzaltrekkers

Macaw & Toucan playing with GoPro

Visit at the Macaw & Toucan Mountain Nature Reserve


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Watch a video showing a macaw attacking my camera!

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howler monkey mum baby

Wild Howler Monkey Baby with family

A rare experience in the mayan jungle


On a 9 day jungle expedition through the mayan world we meet a wild howler monkey baby with family. During a visit at the temple of Yaxchilan in Mexico we experience something very rare.

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