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5 facts that helped me change my food addiction

how I started to change my fast food addiction


Only some years ago I have been highly addicted to fast food, sodas and lots of processed food. I didn’t really care about my health or the well being of my body. Believing the food industry is good and clean I wanted to try and eat everything the market provided.

Especially when I was traveling in new countries I was craving to try all the new stuff. Working lots of hours, sitting in offices, meetings, dining with customers, traveling for business in cars and planes also helped me in not spending time to think about myself and nurish my food addiction.


Change body transformation befor after

before and after my lifestyle change

Change same shirt different lifestyle new body

same shirt, different lifestyle, new body



Everybody knows this situation in life when you start concentrating on unimportant things.

Doing this for a vast period of time made me overweight, sick and really tired!

With my todays post I want to share my long term experiences how I was able to start my change of lifestyle, maintain the new good habits and continously improve my health situation. Since last year I am traveling full time and able to walk around all day, climb on mountains or carry my quite heavy backpacks for 3 or 4 hours if necessary.

Thanks to my lifestyle change from my food addiction to loving natural food!


my 5 most important facts that helped me change:

  1. realize my food addiction, like artificial sweeteners and processed food
  2. make a list of all your addictions (I counted nearly 50!)
  3. start replacing the worst addictions with new and good habits
  4. listen to your body, never put pressure on yourself
  5. enjoy the new feelings and nurish your soul, mind and body

realize whats obvious

Most people don’t consider the fast food or food we buy in supermarkets as addictive. When you buy cigarettes or tobacco you get warned that your doing bad for your health. I never considered food as addictive, I only thougt that I eat too much, but I found out that this was wrong for me.

recognize your addictions

However, everbody is different and so I started to sort out certain foods and just tried out how I feel when I don’t consume certain things. My first step and biggest addiction was drinking sodas, mainly so called “light” or “diet” sodas, like any brands of coke. For more than a decade my daily input was about 2 liters of diet coke or light pepsi.

find a better way for yourself

Now that I decided to loose my soda habit, I changed my mind set and started preparing water with lemon and orange flavour that I made myself. Just press the fresh fruit into the water and cool it in your refrigerator. Yes its sounds so simple, tastes good and it works for me!

your body is talking to you, start listening

Never I thought that the impact of not drinking soda is so huge and strong on my body. After only 3 weeks without sodas I started feeling much better! Immediately I felt more relaxed, less nervous and what a surprise I had no appetite on sweet drinks.

feeling the freedom

Can you imagine how great it feels not to have to drink a pepsi or coke, only because you don’t want it any more? Yes you can, its a new dimension of freedom in your daily motion and saved me from getting more sick and addicted. Not taking care for my daily consumption of sodas, was a big release, not only on my purse.

After I managed to change my first bad habit, I felt the energy and growing motivation to change my next addictions. And this is how everybody can do it also, try out my 5 most important steps. Ask yourself the right questions, realize your problem and work on a solution that fits you.


Change body transformation

my transformation from unhealthy to happy

body Change transfomation pants

my pants before and after changing


You will find out that its so easy and so much fun!

If I can do it you can do it!

Your Lui


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  1. So great what you have done. That the right Way to feeling better for the rest of your Life.

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