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Divemaster Going Pro

As reported in my last post doing my first pro course as a Divemaster was definetly a great and very important experience as a longtime diver. During my 7 weeks DMT (Divemaster in training) on Utila in Honduras I was able to do more than 50 dives. This dives done during my training are equal to my last 265 dives I did before my DMT in terms of building up experience as a pro diver for different situations.

Have more fun under water

Since my very fist dive 15 years ago in the Red Sea in Egypt I already knew it!

I want to do diving as long as its possible and also one day go pro!

Lui going pro

Lui going pro

Never before I had the fantastic feeling of being able to breath under water. And giving yourself this experience is so great, because you can start to explore a completely new world.

And when I started diving I couldn’t stop anymore!

Having the feeling of being completely balanced under water and being able to move in all three dimensions adds a lot of fun, too! And the more you dive the more you start to recognize the differences and uncountable details of the marine life.

fun dive with dive staff and DMT's

fun dive with dive staff and DMT’s

With the diving I also developed a passion for the vast varieties of the marine life.

And you never know when it happens!

Always when you don’t expect it you meet a turtle, dolphins or sharks or something else spectacular.

always having fun underwater

always having fun underwater

Because it is not a zoo you cannot plan anything! You go down as a visitor in a world thats not made for us and always come back with remarkable memories!

Dive saver

Usually you would think the more dives you did the more safe you are. Because of more experience, the possibility of having a dive accident is reduced, but the opposite is the reality! Most dive accidents happen with more experienced or pro divers, because they underestimate the siuation.

my instructor explaining the dive board for DMT's

my instructor explaining the dive board for DMT’s

In my own experience I can tell you that whenever I dive in a new dive spot I feel like a beginner!

In the same time thats a big advantage for diving, because its never the same!

Whenever you dive in a lake, ocean or river, everything changes. And all conditions can change within a couple of minutes.

Thats why I do guided diving when I am in new and for me unknown places.

Even as a pro its important for me to be connected to locals!

They know their dive spots, the water and weather conditions very well. After I dove a certain location a couple of times and know the place I feel saver and able to guide at this spot!

learning from a Divemaster

learning from a local Divemaster

As soon as I travel in a new country or a new dive place, the procedure starts all over again!

The good thing is whatever dive organsiation you choose e.g. PADI your dive instructors (=teachers) are going to make sure to practise all important things for save diving.

Whats different before and after my DM course

For sure after my Divemaster course a lot of things changed for me! Because I choose a very poor maintained dive center I had to dive with very old equipement and sometimes the parts didn’t work properly.

Before I always dove with my own and very good maintained dive equipement.

happy after a good dive

happy after a good dive

Now I feel much saver, because I learned to handle different situations with e.g. a regulator that didn’t give air! I had a dive guest on 17 meters having a panic attack because the tank was still filled with lot of air, but the regulator didn’t release any air.

As a well trained Divemaster I have all the skills to handle the siuation as a pro!

Cancel the dive, inform other divers and calm down the panicing diver. Until we had reached the surface you give your dive partner air from your alternative regulator. And the situation was easy and save at the end. For sure I gave the failing regulator into maintanance.

Building up experience as a pro

And also some personal things have changed to positive! Like I reduced my air consumption and reduced the amount of weight I need to go down. Due to the intense training I can control my lungs easier and have also much better balancing.

busy days as a DMT: sometimes up to 4 hours in the water per day

busy days as a DMT: sometimes up to 4 hours in the water per day

After finishing my Divemaster training in Honduras I did more dives in Nicaragua, Cuba and Thailand.

And the experience doing dives as a Divemaster is awesome!

At a dive shop in Cuba I got offered free dives for helping an instructor with his OWD course (Open Water Diver)! At other dive shops I got good discounts. Some dive centers give between 10 and 25 % off the regular price! Because as a pro diver you don’t need the attention like recreational divers.

Lui divemaster

proud to have finished my Divemaster

And the shop knows that ususally you are going to help whenever your help is needed! When I arrived I Thailand I was really surprised how easy it is to work as a pro in diving! Especially when you speak many languages like I do!

How I am continuing

My intention in the beginning was to reduce the pressure on my travel budget during doing a lot of dives.

And it worked out well!

I already had many situations where I was able to save money. And still do a nice amount of dives during my trip around the world.

easy fun diving

easy and save diving

Now that I am a Divemaster I am already thinking a step forward!

I have the idea to do my Dive Instructor course somewhere in Southeast Asia. And right now I am choosing a nice place for it!

In Thailand I already visited some islands where I can imagine to do the further pro step to a certified Instructor. Koh Lanta and Koh Chang are fantastic islands, just to name two of them!

But I am still traveling around and I might also choose another place 😉

Thanks for your visit at Traveling Adventures and for sure I will keep you updated!

travel & dive – life & food

Watch me fun diving during my DMT:

Bye for now!



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