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Lui diving cuba on a budget

Diving Cuba for less money!

Diving in Cuba is a dream for all divers. And after my first weeks in Cuba it was definetly time for some dives in different places on the cuban island. Because all my trip is based on a low budget I had to find a way to spend less money on my diving activities and still do a couple of dives in changing locations.

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viewing point east cuba

Low Budget Cuba? Too expensive for backpackers?

Cuba definetly is not a low budget destination and one of the more expensive countries in comparison to its neighbours in the caribbean. But how is it possible to enjoy low budget Cuba, get healthy food, save on your travel costs and do lots of activities? Get 5 hints how to do a low budget Cuba trip, save on your purse and more useful details you find in this and the nextcoming post about my four weeks backpacking in Cuba on a low budget!

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