My brothers lifestyle transformation


Maher is my brother and started in end of 2014 to change and transform his life. He was a great inspiration for me and helped me in understanding many facts concerning healthy food choices. And I am very happy to present you his own story and his motivation to change to a healthier and better person. Thanks Bro, for your guest post! Enjoy his story here:

My brothers story

Why did I change my life? Because with a friends help I realized that it is possible and easy! Before I tell you my own story I want to mention the person that motivated me. He is this good friend of mine. Usame lost about 35 kilograms and transformed his body shape enourmously.

And he started explaining me how he did it and that it is so easy, if you take care about your eating habits.

This are Usames pictures before and after his great body transformation. He changed completely from unhealthy  to well trained.

Definetly he did a very impressive change and body transformation!

my friends body transformation

my friends body transformation: Usame working out and chilling in cologne


That was the point when I began to think about myself. At that time I had already more than 120 kilos!

Because of his success and the new quality in life he clearly had I started to overthink my whole lifestyle!

I was not an unathletic person and loved doing lots of sports and cycling.  What did I do wrong in my daily life?

Starting to overthink what I was doing to myself!

I realised that I was eating completely wrong! In hours of conversation with Usame we analized my food habits. The conclusion was that one of my biggest mistakes was eating too much and wrong carbohydrates.

And these were industrialized sugars and bread. As a result I gained lot of body weight in a very short time!

My critical point was reached when I had more than 120 kilograms! It was no fun any more and I started to try out several diets. It was never a problem for me to lose weight with dieting. When I did it seriously I lost 10 – 15 kilos.

But I also experienced that the lost weight was gained back quickly!

And I never was able to get my weight under 100 kilograms. Always after dieting you start eating like before!

my own body transformation

my own body transformation from 120 kg to 85 kg

Transformation with the right information

Then I decided to change my lifestyle in order to reach my goals permanently. Now after two years I know much more about what’s healthy food and whats not good for me. As I mentioned, after I focused on the carbohydrates and on fats my change started a great acceleration.

Nowadays I try to avoid industrialized and processed food!

Because very often these kinds of foods are filled with refined sugars and bad salts. And I also reduced cooked food as much as possible.


my body transformation before and after: from 115 kg to 75 kg


The industry is good with building machines and technology, but not with designing and making our food! Therefore it helped me so much to raise my proportion of raw food on 80% of my daily input.

After I realised that I just have to eat natural and real food everything went quite fast and my body started transforming easily!

And not only my weight changed, but also my body sensation. Before my lifestyle change I was always tired and had not much energy. Luckily it is over now because I am trying to eat the right things.

In this first post I am sharing my experience of getting my health back on track and hope to inspire you with my personal story of transformation!

Thanks to my friend Usame who was a great help and motivation! Now I can enjoy a new and different life every day!

Greez Maher


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