Shark attack filmed in Belize during a scuba dive on the San Pedro Canyon

The camera gets suddenly attacked by one of the hungry sharks during filming….

During the dive we get surrounded by lots of nurse and reef sharks.

They show their typical behaviour and keep swimming around the divers. The curiosity of the sharks makes some great possibilities for videos. After getting a clip of a nurse shark biting my camera I asked myself is this a shark attack or a love bite? Maybe the nurse shark loves my new GoPro? For sure this behaviour results in continious feeding that is done in order to keep tourists interested. All the sharks you see are craving to get fed and mistake my selfy stick and cam for some tasty fish….

DSC_4912 (2)_sanpedro_sonne

paradise on earth, San Pedro Belize


Thanks for a great dive done with Ramons Village, San Pedro, Belize.


Facts about Nurse Sharks:

Nurse sharks are usually slowly moving what makes them one of the most elegant swimmers under water. For the most part, nurse sharks are harmless to humans. But they can get very big, like more than 4 meters! And as my camera has experienced they have strong jaws filled with thousands of small teeth. And their bites are very strong!

They use their strong jaws to brake and eat shellfish and also hard corals can be cracked easily. Their prefered meals are fish, shrimp and squid. With their gray and brown colored skin they can hide pretty good inside the reefs.

Nurse sharks can be found in warm and shallow waters of the carribean and also in the western Atlantic and eastern Pacific oceans. There is no special protection for nurse sharks, although their habit of being close to humans resulting in easy game is putting pressure on this species.