Fruits are magic food and made by the power of the sun, the nutrients of the earth and contain high amount of rain water filtered through the plant and its roots. What else do we need to nourish ourselfes?

Really not much more. Any fruit is a complete meal and we are ment to survive only with their energy and power provided. They have a big variety of flavours from sweet to bitter, full of natural and clean water and give a tremendous amount of vitamins, nutrients and are high in fiber.


all you can eat fruit buffet



The perfect food not only while traveling the world

Whenever its difficult to get fresh made juices or smoothies, I enjoy more fruits. And therefore in some countries like cuba with its nearly 100 % organic fruits and vegetables its just a joy to try fruits you know. And also new types you have maybe never tried before. Its not like there are no juices to buy. But especially in cuba nearly everything gets tuned up with lots of industrial and refined sugars. Yes cubans love their sweet foods! In order to compensate missing nutrients its a fantastic and tasty way to power yourself with nearly everything you need. And the big advantage is, you can still find fruits nearly everywhere.



a cashew fruit picked from a tree in the cuban jungle


Make it a daily adventure

And because I am so exited to try out new foods, it is my daily adventure! During a jungle hike in cuba we found a cashew tree.  And the fruits were ready to eat. Not the cashew but the cashew fruit that grows with the cashew we know. I am not going to forget this wonderful taste. And as soon a I will see a cashew tree I will eat some of these fruits again!


cashew fruit: great taste like apple with lime


Therefore one of my worries not getting enough juices and smoothies during traveling turned into a new habit eating lots of fresh fruits for breakfast and during the day. And as a breakfast its also the best way to start with a lot of freshness and energy in your day! What I had to learn is about the amounts of fruits I need. For me it makes not much sense to eat little quantities of fruit. Because I would soon get hungry again. But when eating a complete pineapple, melon or bigger amounts of fruit, it serves me longer and keeps satisfied.


a complete breakfast: a huge pineapple



A present from god and the universe

And there are no doubts. Whatever we are planing to do for the day there is no greater support than using this present. And we all got it from god and the universe! To make every day a good day with natural food! I give you an example. Whenever I do my greatest hobby diving I have to drink a lot of water in order to feel well during a dive. Beetween 5 and 7 liters of water when doing a 2 tank dive is quite normal for me. That changed when I started to have fruits for breakfast. Because of the huge quantities of water in a pineapple, melon, papaya, banana or citrus fruit I have for breakfast, with 2 or 3 liters of additional water I am fine now.


make every day perfect with the right choice



Great availability nearly everywhere on our planet

Do you know the weird feeling during your change in lifestyle, when you think that there is nothing to eat left? When you start getting rid of your bad eating habits and realise that almost all products in commercial supermarkets are not good for you! And I also felt a little bit scared in those moments. But learning about the availability of healthy and natural food is a great release. This was a strange moment when I realised that there is nothing to be scared about! Good food is all around us! We just need to look at things in a different way.


thats a comfortable & healthy breakfast in Mexico City


And because I like to be lazy sometimes its nice and comfortable to have a healthy breakfast when its available as it is in bigger cities. But since I experienced the joy of going to local markets, this is a new habit and adventure in my life!


Real farmers market are my preferred dealers

One of the most beautiful markets I have visited is located in the mexican state chiapas in the city of san cristobal de las casas.


farmers market in san cristobal de las casas, mexico


Here on a farmers market there are no more worries to get enough good and natural food. Its all available and guaranted you are going to make the right choice! Whatever you buy, its going to be good for you! You know how difficult it is to make the right choice in a commercial supermarket!


natural food treated with respect & love


And when I see how the farmers treat every single fruit and vegetable and present their work in a beautiful way. Then I know thats food treated with respect and love. In conclusion food that is only treated industrially can never give you and you body what a real natural food can do. Natural and real food is a big amount of work combined with respect for the creation of mother earth. If you eat this kind of products your life is enbrightened by more love, energy and respect for all living creatures.


my new supermarkets: real farmers markets


And besides the fact that eating lots of fruits helps to strengthen your new habits and lifestyle, its every time a little adventure to go for shopping on farmers markets. Wherever I have been to local and real markets in this world the farmers providing us with natural food are very friendly, helping and know a lot about their products.


Motivation to write about my food inspiration

With my blog series of food inspiration, I want to help you! By showing you what great possibilities we really have in terms of making the right food choices. And it doesnt matter where we are, its possible nearly everywhere on our planet!

In my next post I will give an overview about my specials and like anybody I give myself also some treats. But how I do it on a healthy way, let me tell you in my nextcoming article!