Visit at the Macaw & Toucan Mountain Nature Reserve


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Watch a video showing a macaw attacking my camera!


What a great place and day to share some time with a macaw or toucan. During my visit at the Macaw Mountain Park in Copán, Honduras I had some close feedback from a toucan and more than one macaw playing with my camera gear. Watch my great videos showing both birds in action from all angels and finally some of the released macaws in liberty at Copán Ruinas.

Facts about macaws:

Macaws are members of the parrot family and beautiful birds.

Most macaws have  a coloring that is perfectly suited to life in Central and South American jungles. The rain forests with their colorful flowers and fruits are an ideal macaw habitat. These birds have huge and strong spouts that crack nuts and seeds easily. With their tongues that have a bone inside they tapp into the fruits and nuts.

Macaws are very intelligent and social animals that usually gather in bigger groups. Macaws vocalize to communicate, mark their territory and for identification. Some parrots can even mimic human speech, Hola!

Once a macaw couple finds each other they typically mate for all their life. They breed and share food with their mates. During breeding the mothers incubate the eggs while the father goes for hunting and gets the food for all.

Most species of macaws are endangered, because these great birds are very popular pets. And also their homes the rain forests are  disappearing at an alarming rate.


Facts about toucans:

The toucan is at home in Central and South Americas jungles.  The toucans colorful appearance and his impressive bill has made it one of the worlds most popular birds and luxury pets. Actually a toucan is a very popular pet and too many are captured to satisfy the market demand for this trade.

Both, males and females use their bills to catch food and  explore any items. The bill is very seldom used as a weapon but a bigger bill helps for showing off predators. The inner structure of a toucans bill looks like a honeycomb and is made out of bone. Because it contains a lot of air it is also is very light.

Toucans live in small groups. Their bright colors provide them a good camouflage in the rain forests where they nest in tree holes. They have 1 to 4 eggs anually, which both parents take care for.

Native people see the bird with a different, a sacred eye. In many indigenous traditions they connect between the spirits and the world of the living.

Macaws in freedom:

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