my food inspiration: smoothies


Drinking smoothies is not only a style. But it is a great possibilty to enjoy fruits, vegetables and more natural food in new and surprising combinations.

However a big advantage is that they are quickly prepared and a super healthy drink. And it is also a very satisfying meal in the same time.

In comparison to juicing it is much faster and also a lot cheaper!

Because you are using the complete fruits and vegetables, it allows you also to transform more expensive produce, like grapes, pineapple and fresh spinach to a healthy drink.

And sometimes even the best juicers are not able to get an appreciable amount of liquids out of the produce.

Like with bananas, nuts or very leafy greens.


a fantastic drink blended out of different grapes



very sweet and a great cleanser: a pineapple with mango smoothie



one of my favorite smoothies: grapefruits, oranges and lime or lemon


combine a juice with a smoothie

In my opinion making smoothies and juices are a great combination. Therefore its not a discussion whats better a juice or a smoothie.

If using both systems this allows you to get the best out of your choosen produce!

And for some recipes its great to combine a juicer and a blender. Here is one example where I use both devices to make a lifesaving spinach carrot drink.


carrot prepared with a juicer and the spinach blended with the carrot juice



In conclusion the right philosophy is to use both machine concepts in combination. And the result for you is that you can get the most out your fruits and vegetables, even when you invest in more expensive produce or prefer to buy organic.

In my own experience its great to have both systems!

In the next post “my food inspiration: salads“ I will give you some secrects how to make wonderful salads that really satisfy you, even if you are a very hungry person like me.

Your Lui


blender suggestions

If you are looking for the right blender here you find links for very popular machines. However dependent on how often you are using a blender, it makes a lot of sense to get good and proven quality. Like for any device the market has a tremendous variety. And I remember how much time I spend in finding and choosing the right machine. In order to make it easier for you, here some great blenders I use:


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