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Hi, I am Lui and welcome to my world!

This is about me. My story from a sick & unhealthy business & food addict changing to a world traveler & natural food lover!

Welcome to my world! travel & dive - life & food

Welcome to my new world:   travel & dive – life & food

Since 2015 I am a full time adventurer and I always loved traveling and diving our world.

In this blog Traveling Adventures I am sharing my greatest experiences and adventures with you!

And you can learn more about how I transformed back to a healthy person and what I do for my lifestyle & food during my world trip!

not only diving was difficult before my lifestyle change

not only diving was difficult before my lifestyle change

After finishing my college, I have worked 15 years for the industry in germany. Starting as a textile engineer, I moved quickly to sales and management and lost myself in the business world.

And as  a result of taking too much care for my career I ended up sick, unhealthy and over-weight!

Enjoying my life was possible, but everything was difficult and in too many situation just very limited!

just too much body weight before my tranformation

just too much body weight before my transformation

With almost 35 years I felt like an old man and started to overthink my lifestyle!

Nowadays its easy to realize that I needed a completely new view on food and what is good for me, my body and soul. In order to achieve that I started to teach myself all the needed information about a natural and healthy lifestyle.

a new life after my health & body transformation

a new life after my health change & body transformation

After regaining my health and strength back, I reduced 45 kg of body weight and also my way of thinking started to change! I stopped my buisiness career, sold most of my stuff, gave up my apartment and all the so called luxury.

– travel & dive – starting a new life! 

Since then I am backpacking through Europe, USA, Mexico and Central America. Other parts of the world like Southeast Asia, Africa, India and South America are on my wish list.

Because diving is my passion and I love being underwater in 2016 I started with professional diving. Doing my Divemaster was already a great experience and I gained many skills that help me to do exiting and safe dives all over the world!

during my Divemaster training

during a two months training for my Divemaster course on Utila, Honduras

– life & food – keeping it up!

My main focus is making natural food choices and keep my health up! Like this I am experiencing mother earth and spending as much time as possible outdoors, in the nature and diving the oceans. And as a motivation for you I am sharing my story and knowledge about natural food loving.

Get ready to experience my sense of delight and freedom during this most important time of my life!

Traveling Adventures - travel & dive - life & food -

my blog Traveling Adventures   – travel & dive – life & food –

To keep you updated I am blogging and publishing frequently new posts, video clips and pictures about my healthy backpacking trip. You can expect travel and budget tips from great places, dives, hikes and my healthy food choices during traveling our world!

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