A rare experience in the mayan jungle


On a 9 day jungle expedition through the mayan world we meet a wild howler monkey baby with family. During a visit at the temple of Yaxchilan in Mexico we experience something very rare.

My friend Mao, a native ecotour guide attracts and talks to the wild howler monkey and something very rare happens…

alpha howler monkey tree

The alpha male comes down to the ground to pass to the next tree. The mom with her baby follows and all happens very close to us…..

Howler monkey mom baby

My guide explains that the female with the young baby is too heavy to jump. So the alpha guards her and the baby to the next save tree. The rest of the howler family jumps from tree to tree….like any  wild howler monkey would normaly do…

A perfect moment with mother nature getting a unique experience so close to a wild howler monkey baby and his dad, mom and family. If you want to experience something similar in the wild nature a tour with Planeta Indigena is highly recommended.

howler monkey mum baby

Maos shop Planeta Indigena is located in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. He organises eco tours and expeditions  in all the mayan world.


Visit his homepage for more details:


alpha howler monkey tree



Facts about Howlers:

Howlers are New World monkeys that live in Mexico, tropical Central & South America. They are  named for their loud cries and shouts. When a big number of howlers start their concert, their voices can be heard up to 5 kilometers away in the jungle. Their noises sends a clear message to other monkeys: This territory is ours!

Wild Howler monkeys are the biggest of all the New World monkeys and also have a very useful  tail in comparison to other monkeys. However their long tail is used as an fifth arm for gripping or also hanging from branches. A perfect tool because they rarely descend to the ground. The howler monkeys prefer to stay in the save trees, protecting them from dangerous invaders.