my food inspiration: salads


The richness of nutrients and the great appearance of salads make me happy! But not only me.

I am surprised since I eat salads daily, my point of view concerning food changed. Also lots of restaurants offer great salad plates and really have some know-how about what to combine and what not. However, when I have the possibility I would prefer to prepare my own tasty salad combination, but sometimes its more chilly just to order your healthy food outside.


a lunch that makes happy: green chaya juice and a huge salad plate




salads are not a complete meal?

Its amazing to experience how I changed myself. Some years ago I remember not considering a salad as a complete meal.

I had the feeling that “only” a salad does not make me satisfied and creates disharmony in my digestive system.

Nowadays I feel and know the difference and I want to eat a healthy and mainly raw salad ever day.


a raw power salad with beetroot, carrots, kale and many other tasty and healthy ingredients




minimalistic yucca salad with bell pepper and onions and some herbs



how I eat salads

How did I manage to convince myself? First of all I never was eating the salad in the right order. What did I do? For example after a cooked or heavy meal I would still feel hungry and then I would eat the salad.

Yes, now I know that was completely wrong for me!

For sure a salad is very easy to digest, but when eaten after a heavy and cooked meal, the salad cannot be digested well. Therefore it has to wait until the heavy food is digested and in that time the salad created a big disharmony inside me. And after just changing the order of eating, first the easy to digest salad and afterwards the heavier meal, I had a big improvement in my health and well-being.



make it on your own: a self made salad with sprouts during traveling and the juice never is missing



can salads satisfy you?

And another effect was that I started to get a really good feeling of being satisfied with salads and learned which ingredients to add to my salads. Sometimes during traveling its not that easy, but still there are many solutions how I can get my daily salad. And when I cannot prepare a complete salad, I would buy a ready to eat salad from the market, trow away the including dressing and tune it up by adding ingredients like avocados, sprouts, nuts and seeds.

My task is to give the salad a certain amount of greens, healthy fats and proteins.

Therefore I add to a green salad also good fats like avocado, olive or coconut oil. And in order to get the additional proteins and satisfying ingredients in my salad I add goat cheese, beans, lentils and different kind of seeds or nuts.


lots of ingredients combined make a salad that will definetly satisfy



salads tastes boring!

For most people salads taste boring and something is missing. What is it? After we have been manipulated all our life by huge amounts of taste improvers and industrial sugar in processed foods, I found out for me that I have to teach my taste senses to enjoy new flavours. And why not add healthy spices to your salad?

In the last years I have developed many salad recipes where I always add certain spices.

Most salads contain salt and pepper and that’s it! In conclusion I started to add spices like clove, curcuma, cumin, nutmeg and many more. And everybody who tried my salads knows what I am talking about!

Hope you enjoyed my todays post and maybe it motivates you to make a salad! Below this post you can get a free salad recipe from my E-Book 3+1 Power Recipes!

Enjoy the flavour of natural food!



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