Nuts & seeds

Whenever I feel hungry or need more energy I have lots of nuts and seeds.

Nowadays about 20 % of my daily aliments are based on nuts and seeds. Because they are filled with lots of healthy proteins and also easily give you a great feeling of being satisfied. Therefore today I want to give an overview about this great food and why it got so important for me.


different nuts and seeds mixed for a snack

different nuts and seeds mixed for a snack, perfect when you are on the road


Helpless against temptations?

Always when I am on the road I have a selection of nuts and seeds with me. If suddenly I get hungry then I dont need to ask myself what to eat! Almost everybody knows this, the temptations are everywhere only waiting for us to get hungry! Even when you are not hungry they get you! And if not prepared well our brains are helpless against the gigantic marketing machine of the food industry. For myself a long time in my life I failed resisting the brainwashing that we all go through. Its nearly impossible to go out, travel or shop without having hundrets of chances to buy so called food that on a long term makes all of us sick.


selection of healthy nuts on a market in Oostende, Belgium

selection of healthy nuts on a market in Oostende, Belgium


Therefore its necessary to find the right places to buy real food. And get ourselfes embattled in order to make good and healthy choices every day. Maybe you think this choice is expensive? From my point of view our health and well-being is priceless. And thats the reason why I spend on good and healthy nuts & seeds! However being ill or loosing your health is not an alternative.


Everything comes back to you

In comparison its always better to have a good quality and treat yourself with rescept and give your body the real fuel to fulfill its needs. And one rule of the universe is, that everything comes back to you! First of all Do good things and spread the truth. In addition the good is going to happen to you! As a result it is the same with our food and bodies. Love yourself and give your health every day a support. As a consequence your body will love you back! And it really works that easy! I am only one example of many people who manage to boost their health and return their body to the natural shape, only by eating the right things.


Nuts & seeds are a great in combination with other food

In most of my salads I love adding nuts or seeds. Especially when I have the feeling that a “normal” salad cannot satisfy me, I just add them as a super healthy ingredient. One of my favorites are hemp seeds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Because they have huge amounts of proteins they help me stay on track.


one of my salads tuned with lots of hemp seeds

one of my salads tuned with lots of hemp seeds


And the list of using nuts in other foods is huge. For example in some smoothies they are a fantastic add-on. Or when you want to make your own healthy chocolate or cake definetly nuts and seeds are very important ingredients.

In my nextcoming article I am going to present some ideas about making your own chocolate and cakes that are very tasty and super healthy in the same time.

Your Lui