my food inspiration: juices

I love juices because they helped me to change to a healthier and better person! Therefore in this and the following posts I am presenting you a series of my food inspirations.

First of all I want to write about juices. What can I eat and how does good food look like? One of the big questions I had after I decided to change my food addictions.

However I needed habits that help me to stay motivated in preparing healthy food and make the right choices every day!

So you can take this as an inspiration for yourself and enjoy the great colours and flavours we are provided by mother earth.


juices during traveling

Yes you are right, they are expensive and when made by yourself also very time consuming, but when made fresh it is worth the time and money. The best of the best of each fruit and vegetable in great combinations and different variations.

Therefore I would even say that juices had the biggest impact on my health condition!

And this is why I love all kinds of juices! First of all you will find new flavours, amazing colours and immediately everybody can feel the good vibrations!



real joy of colours: green wheatgrass juice, orange carrot juice and red beetroot juice




pure health every day: my carrot juice, a green juice made with spinach and pure orange



Whenever I am on the road and I have no possibility to use a juicing machine, I buy my fresh juices. Especially in the first part of my trip I found out that there is already a huge juicing culture in the USA, Mexico and all Central America.

Almost wherever you are its so easy to buy all kinds of juices and healthy foods!

Because some shops mights use industrial sugar to tune up the sweetness of their product, I also have to take care. For sure this is not what I am looking for and its better to watch how the order is made to make sure there are no added sugars inside.

keep it simple: preparing my orange juice breakfast with a squeezer during traveling

keep it simple: preparing my orange juice breakfast with a squeezer during traveling


However in some areas you will not find any place that prepares or sells fresh juices.

Due to this reason sometimes I use my manual squeezer to press grapefruits, oranges and lime.

This little squeezer is now traveling for more than one and a half years with me!


juicing at home

Before I started full time traveling, two or three times a week I invested the time to make my juices for the nextcoming days. For the whole procedure I would spend about 2 hours to produce several liters. In order to store them properly I put them in bottles.

And this is how I was drinking my daily juices also during my work time!

Here are some pictures showing my juicing action at home.


beetroot juice with apples and pears

beetroot juice with apples and pears

a carrot juice with apples

a carrot juice with apples



real juicing action: all ready to make several juices at once

real juicing action: all ready to make several juices at once


Because you already started successfully to change your habits, also you will start with implementing daily juices in your life.

As a result it will add a new scope of flavours in your life and will give your body what it really needs.

In conclusion they are the most powerful food you can use to heal, nourish and protect yourself.

Stay tuned and read also my nextcoming post “my food inspiration: smoothies”.

Your Lui


juicer suggestions

Here you find some links for juicers in different price ranges, that I can recommend. I worked with all of the by myself and they all help you to make good and healthy juices. For sure there are differences in quality and performance, but here you find a nice device thats fits any purse:



literature references

If you want to read and learn more about this topic, I also can recommend you some great books. The author Gerson is one of the first persons in the medical area who found out about the healing power of fresh pressed fruits and vegetables. And since then the Gerson Therapy cured many kinds of sicknesses and also cancer. Here I have some book suggestions in german, spanish and english for you:


Because the Gerson Therapy works so good, it is actually forbidden to practise his therapy in Europe and the USA on a professional level?!

What a surprise!!!

But its not forbidden to buy and use his books! Lets learn and practise this great knowledge and spread the good word!


get your free E-Book here!

3+1 Power Recipes in english & german