Two day hike on active volcano El Hoyo


The active volcano el hoyo is a special and spectacular hike. I started with 20 kilograms in my backback, filled with water, food and a tent. With everything necessary I was ready for a great two day hiking tour visiting several volcanos and a crater lake!
Volcanos Nicaragua Leon - Quetzaltrekkers
We started our hike at the ranger station located between Cerro Negro and the Las Pilas-El Hoyo complex.  This seven hour climb was definetly one of the toughest hikes I have ever done. But I got rewarded for all the hard work hiking up. Getting a fantastic view of the surrounding volcanos, the steaming sulfur vents at the first crater, the second crater and the highest point of the volcano el hoyo. Enjoying the view over Lake of Managua, the volcano Momotombo and the crater lake Asososca is definetly worth doing it!


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Watch this video of my hike:

 and my buddy Lloyd from UK uploaded also a great clip of our tour:


Cerro Negro Boarding

Also the fun part on cerro negro is included in this tour. After you hike up the youngest volcano of Nicaragua something spectacular is waiting. Its a high speed descent of the volcano’s black sand slopes on boards! After we put on special volcano boarding suits and protection glasses you take off down Cerro Negro.

Watch my video boarding down:

For this tour I choose Quetzaltrekkers and they organise everything perfectly and support the group going up this mountains. What I like about this company is that you hike with native guides who know their environment very good. And at the same time the company donates to help street kids in Nicaragua. So basically you are donating by hiking with Quetzaltrekkers. However, the only thing to do is walk up with your heavy backback by yourself.

   on the morning of our 2 day tour

For more details visit the homepage of Quetzaltrekkers:
Hope you enjoyed my report!