Diving the Caribbean


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Since more than ten years I dive the caribbean. Always it is filled with fantastic moments very close to mother nature.

For long times the caribbean sea attracted lot of voyagers and adventurers for many reasons. Also divers frequently travel the different countries of the caribbean. With its hundreds of islands every single one has its own culture, charm and languages. The ocean is full of adventures where you find many things. For example beautiful and colorful coral reefs, many old  and new wrecks, drop offs, giant blocks and walls and for sure lot of marine life to explore. The very warm and clear waters with fantastic visibility, lots of breathtaking beaches make the caribbean a great destination, not only for divers.



Whenever I dive in the oceans of the caribbean, greats things happen and always new experiences are waiting behind each coral and block formation. Sometimes its just about exploring the smaller things and watching out for the circle of life around you. Because like anywhere on our world nothing stands still in the ocean, especially not in the caribbean.


Dive Videos

In todays post you will find  a first video with some great shots of different fish schools and squids changing their colors. Get a view and feeling for this mystic and sensational underwater world.


The next video shows a just hatched octopus, that is so small that it needs a closer look to get whats going on with this little fellow. However, this is my first time ever that I can watch a baby octopus swimming and using his ink to distract us!

Thanks to divemaster Brian from Dos Tiburones on Big Corn Island, Nicaragua for his sharp eye!


Have fun and enjoy!